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I love this game. I love this game so much.

My big request is for something like a garbage can in the corner of the room that I can throw unneeded tracks into. It would be functional and fun to try to make it in.

There used to be a garage can, but I removed it when I made the toolbox portable. A garbage can that automatically destroys objects is dangerous because it's difficult to know if the player actually wants the piece destroyed. I had a grinder on the bottom of the toolbox and it had the same problem .

This game is coming along nicely. Some simple requests, add an "undo/redo" feature when adding parts to the bench (I noticed in your latest video you tossed everything and started over, but you could have easily cleaned up those excess parts without destroying your existing layout.

Have a can of "paint" or "spray paint" available for people who want to make their walls a little more colorful or just leave something behind. Perhaps even allow for seasonal decoration, like tracks around trees, etc.

Can't wait for this to come out on Steam, beautiful work so far!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you are enjoying the game!

This is amazing. Allow me to list what I love:

  • I LOVE that I can make the trains go so fast they fly off the rails.
  • I LOVE causing collisions. Let's face it, that's what we always really wanted to do with our train sets.
  • I LOVE that you can first person the trains.
  • I LOVE that you can make them launch off the rails and do jumps.
  • I LOVE the basic premise of this game!

Things I want in order of high priority to low priority:

  • I need the ability to have more than one train controller. Let me just duplicate them like I can duplicate everything else?
  • I want the ability to link cars behind the train engine.
  • I want a track that is a ramp with the end of it is going up at a 30 or 45 degree angle with the proper connecting tracks for the other side, one which holds the angle and one which puts it back to a flat angle.
  • I want to set the gravity (the low gravity is fun but I want to make it heavier.)
  • I want a window out the front of the blue engine.
  • Maybe the ability to have the train magnetize to the track so it can't fly off the rails no matter what gets in its way.
  • I want the ability to re-center myself or move around the area so I can play from my seat without having to use the full play space to get around the table.
  • Different tables?
  • How about a chair? Plop the chair down and you can first person into it for an unobstructed view of the train set from the point of view of a tiny person on the table.
  • Get rid of the "battery" thing. No need for perfect simulation here!
Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to a Steam release. ;)

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you like the game!

I already have plans for a bunch of this stuff.

I have an observation tower, it just isn't in the scene atm.

You can move the room around you by grabbing the table and holding the touchpad!